Cheap Exhaust Fix

Ever since I bought the car it has had a nasty exhaust leak, giving the car a very ricey and decidedly annoying noise. I tracked down the leak and found the culprit, a flex pipe that must have had a massive crack (I was never able to actually see it as the heat shield was in the way, but I could feel and definitely hear the effects of the leak). Normally I would try to order a new part and and install a new flex pipe myself,but after shipping that would end up costing way over $100 and I am obviously trying to build this car on a budget. I took her to  my local muffler man and was quoted $60 to replace the flex pipe and all the piping from the down pipe to the cat. Muffler Man was clearly the better option and accompanied by a 1-year warranty I drove away with a much quieter and more enjoyable MR2.

In case anyone out there was researching the cheapest (and easiest) way to deal with an exhaust leak, hopefully they can find this, as I am very happy with the results.

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  1. gray says:

    That’s not a bad price at all, especially when the results are a nice exhaust sound and tone. Not to mention the benefits of smooth airflow and proper back pressure too.

    The first thing I did to my two was fix the exhaust leak. It’s crazy how it can sound like a completely different car afterward.

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