Quick Update

I had been encountering overheating (as well as heating up) issues with the MR2 since day 1, and finally got around to switching out the thermostat. Little did I know that I had a previous owner had removed the thermostat, small doubt as to why (he was trying to fix the occasional overheating issue as well). After replacing the thermostat and giving the whole system a thorough coolant bleed, she now heats up right away and has not yet overheated, even after a few long spirited drives. (I used this guide for the thermostat http://www.padandwheels.com/mr2/thermostat/thermostat.html) Also I painted C pillar trim as it was looking quite sad and faded. Pics

And a pic of the car as it sits.

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  1. gray says:

    What type of paint did you use to paint the trim piece? I’ve had mixed results over the years but that seems to look close to original in the photo.

    Also, why bother with a MR2 when you have a land yatch in the yard?! That thing is awesome.

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