Overdue update and head gasket replacement

While I have not updated this page in quite a while, I have been hard at work with the MR2. The head gasket decided to blow about 2 months ago, a failure I can only attribute to chronic overheating from previous owners, which I also believed I have fixed now. I was treated to tons of steam pouring out the back end and a very bouncy idle on my way to school one day, and as soon as I could limped back home and started tearing down the head. This being m first major mechanical endeavor, it was no easy task, but with the help of the BGB it went fairly smoothly. I also replaced some rusted out coolant lines that run beside the block which may very likely have been causing overheating issues.

After head removal with new head gasket in place.

I also got the head machined flat and cleaned out well from a local machine shop. There was lots of milkshake where there should have been lots of oil =(.

Shiny clean head

She now runs like new, thank goodness. I just hope I survive the upcoming Michigan winter driving a lightweight rear wheel drive 26 year old car.


  1. keegan says:

    This thing kicks enormous amounts of ass. A JDM beauty like this is hard to come by these days, and in such original shape, by God, it’s simply breathtaking. Glad your head gasket went smoothly, hopefully you used a good brand of gasket instead of a reasonably crappy quality one. I love it.

  2. keegan says:

    I like JDM

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