Twisted Sisters, Kerrville 2012

This is an annual meet amongst not only the MR2 family, but also with bikers, and many other sports cars. The roads traverse around 250 miles of a mix between steep grade hills, sharp blind corners, and long sweeping banked curves. It’s honestly the greatest driving experience I have ever had.


We met Friday around 4 PM. Just a few of us who had the day off and could travel. I drove four hours to Kerrville, though some were only an hour away, while others came from different states and travelled for much longer. We had a nice dinner at a lakeside restaurant Friday night, baked catfish for me, and lots of nice conversation with everyone.

Saturday morning many others arrived. About ten cars in total but that was plenty for our group. Originally eighteen people were scheduled to attend. With our ten I could barely keep track of everyone. It’s easy to get lost out there on those winding roads.


Most of the morning was spent following an ’87 MR2. It was the only MKI to show up, alongside two MKIIs and six Spyders, with one 370Z. A nice MKII turbo was on my bumper and I miss seeing those cars really. I rode with him when the MKI broke down and we made a backtracking trip to go find him- just feeling and hearing the boost made me miss my old ’91 Turbo. Oh and the MKI was alright, it was just a broken battery tie down that ended up shorting the battery out and throwing lots of fire and sparks. That little car looked like a welding machine and I was trying to signal him that sparks were flying, but ultimately the battery died and he pulled over. Fortunately he was a true MKI owner and not only had a spare battery in the car, but also had parts to fabricate a new battery tie down. I was impressed.

For lunch we stopped in a small town, all the restaurants were closed save for one Mexican joint. We parked together on a one way street and walked around town.


Best food in Texas, hidden away in a tiny town in the middle of the hills there. Well I may exhaggerate there, but I liked it a lot. I also liked the food in Kerrville.

By the end of the day everyone was tired. My car beat the crap out of me. I was impressed by the suspension, tires and brakes. I only lost traction once, a sharp understeer in a long corner that gradually became tighter while I was accellerating. Two other times I experienced mild understeer but without the slide. Honestly my MR2 is now the best handling car I’ve ever driven. The brakes never faded once, and the car never felt uncomfortable or hard to handle. Honestly I was scared of some of the curves because I thought I was travelling way too fast. But the car whipped back and forth gracefully like it was designed to traverse mountains.

At the end of the day we stopped for the best ice cream I’ve ever consumed. Apple cinnamon, made at the Apple Store in Medina south of Kerrville. If you ever have the opportunity to stop there, it’s worth the ice cream just trust me. I already am missing it.

I didn’t stay for the Saturday night dinner because I couldn’t find an open hotel. On my way home I stopped at a historical marker and took this picture. It was creep, real creepy considering the nearest town or even a house was half an hour away. I made the return trip in a few minutes past three hours because I knew the roads and there was nearly zero traffic. My motor ate the worst on the mountain roads and developed a smoking habit. I went from my normal oil changes at two thousand miles without any real consumption to using a quart of oil for every 125 miles. Real bad stuff and I definitely need to replace something, probably rings, maybe the entire short block. But it was worth it to drive truly the funnest roads in Texas.

Please excuse my cell phone photographs, especially this one at dusk. I’ll try to borrow some of the other guy’s photos, they had real cameras.

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Mr. Brooks, sometimes known as Gray, beginning musician, intermediate mechanic, established machinist, professional talker. I am a machine shop leadman professionally, and I work on MR2's in my spare time. I enjoy restoring these cars, and really enjoy modifying them. I plan to have a fast autocross MKIII soon, one that can still pull nice straight line times and a decently fun Sunday drive in Texas Hill Country. I have a daily driver so the MR-S is finally a toy!
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