Wrecked Spyder

Well this project is over. I went out earlier today, overcast skies, bought pizza, then it began to rain on the way home. I lost control around a °160 corner and ended up spinning the opposite direction and somehow still being able to take on a fence head on at 20 MPH.


Edit: Here is the picture, for some reason it wont add into the comments. Red line was my path, blue circle marks where I spun sideways, green circle marks where I regained control, and the red circle marks where I wrecked.


About gray

Mr. Brooks, sometimes known as Gray, beginning musician, intermediate mechanic, established machinist, professional talker. I am a machine shop leadman professionally, and I work on MR2's in my spare time. I enjoy restoring these cars, and really enjoy modifying them. I plan to have a fast autocross MKIII soon, one that can still pull nice straight line times and a decently fun Sunday drive in Texas Hill Country. I have a daily driver so the MR-S is finally a toy!
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5 Responses to Wrecked Spyder

  1. MR2Miach says:

    Ouch! Hope you are OK. Cars can be replaced/repaired.

    That looks as though you hit something a bit harder than 20 MPH. Rain and our cars are just not a good mix. So what has the insurance company had to say?

    • gray says:

      Well insurance is going to cover it, but I wont know about it being totalled out or not until the claims agent comes out to my house. I’m okay, just a little sore in the chest from taking an airbag and a seatbelt. The damage, while arguably very severe looking, was definitely at 20-30 MPH tops. It’s not physically possible for me to have been going any faster than that as the turn in is a U-Turn. Any faster and I would have either flipped, or continued to slide off the other side of the curve. Here is a picture of the curve. The red line was my path, the blue circle is where I went sideways, the green circle is where I regained control of the car, and then the red circle is where I crashed. Really small area as you can see.

      Thanks for the uplifting words though. It’s all just stuff…

  2. MR2Miach says:

    I guess it’s one of those “It looks worse than it really was things.” I am very glad you are ok minus being sore. Airbags hurt like a mother! Either way, you are in one piece so that means the 2 did its job in protecting you. If the insurance company does the low ball thing just remind them of the new wheels and other improvements you made to the car. Good luck and stay healthy.

    • gray says:

      It definitely protected me. I had to use a prybar to bend back the bumper enough to free the spare tire, it had pushed itself into the cabin and shattered the front windshield. I shudder to think about how far the pole would have gone without a wheel/tire, jack, and tools to help absorb the impact. At least I’ll know in the future, avoid head on collisions at all possible cost- even the low speed ones.

      Insurance evaluation will be on Wednesday. I’m hoping for the best. Thanks, I’ll be needing the luck lol.

  3. june says:

    Sorry about what happened to your amazing car, I liked seeing all the pictures you’d post and reading up on how you made it what it was.

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