This site has been created to offer others the availability to create their own websites to showcase their MR2's. This is a completely free service but is strictly dedicated to the Toyota MR2.

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Creating a Post Help

So you are ready to create a post huh?  Then let’s get started.
Also keep in mind this tutorial applies to making pages as well.
First make sure you’re logged into your dashboard. ( Then click on “Posts” on the left hand menu.
Next you will want to click on “Add New”.  Now comes the fun. Just add in a title and your content and you are almost done.
The next couple of steps help make sure your posts are organized. By default wordpress will use uncategorized as the category your posts fall into. This is fine but if you want your posts to have some organization just follow these easy steps. Think of a category you wish to create and click on “Add New Category”. Type in the name of your category and click “Add New Category” one last time. Now make sure it’s check marked and your post will be in that category.
Tags are another option you can use to organize your posts. Tags are more like a quick list of the things in your post, rather than a big bucket of a category that your post can be put into. So you’d have your post in one or two categories (cars, for example), but you might tag your post with exhaust repair, weird noises, fix-er-up and so on and so forth.
Last is to publish your post. Simply click the blue button named “Publish” and wordpress will save and activate your post. If you find an error or just want to make changes, simply make your changes and click the same blue button that is now named “Update”.
If you want to change things but aren’t in the actual post just click on “Posts” on the left menu then click on “All Posts”. This will display a list of all your posts. Click on the one you wish to edit and you are done. Don’t for get to always publish / update your work or it will be lost!