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Picture Gallery Help

So you are ready to put a picture gallery on your site. Follow these steps and you should be done in no time!
First be sure to be logged into your dashboard. (
Now make sure your gallery plugin is activated. On the left side menu click on “Plugins”. If NextGen Gallery is activated there will be “Deactivate” link underneath. Only click it if it says “Activate”.
Now click on “Gallery” at the bottom of the left side menu.  Then click on “Add Gallery / Images”.
Now Click on “Add New Gallery”.
Type in the name you want to use for your gallery and click the blue button “Add Gallery”.
Next you will want to select the gallery you made from the drop down menu and then click “Select Files”.
A new window will pop up for you to get pictures off of your computer. You may select as many as you wish, the uploader will upload them all in order for you.
As you can see there is now a list of files to be uploaded. Just click the blue button “Upload Images” and watch the magic.
Quick glimpse at the magic :)
Once that completes you should get a message stating number of pictures successfully added.  If not try again.
Now go to make a new post by clicking on “Posts” in the left hand menu.  Once there, title your post, put in any wording you want and then add your shortcode.  If you lost your shortcode follow the red circle(s) and words in the image below to add the gallery.
Leave all the settings as is and just select your new gallery.
Once you have selected the correct gallery click on “Insert” and you are almost finished.
You might need to adjust where the shortcode gets placed which is as simple as typing and correcting spelling.
Yay! You are now done so go check out all your hard work.  Ok come on it wasn’t that hard was it?  Good work!