This site has been created to offer others the availability to create their own websites to showcase their MR2's. This is a completely free service but is strictly dedicated to the Toyota MR2.

Start your own MR2 website today!

Registration Help

Need help registering a new account?  Don’t know how to access your dashboard so you can edit your site?  Here are the answers you seek!

First click on register on the right hand side…

Second is to fill in the blanks with a desired username and a valid email address…

Third step is to make sure your username is acceptable for your domain name.  Example:
Then add a site title.  This can be anything and changed later if you wish to change things…

The last step is a two part process.  First read the final page carefully and check your email that you registered with.

Once you get your email, it should show your username name that you log in with and your private password.  This password can be changed in the dashboard under “Settings” and “General”.

Need help signing in to your dashboard?

The easiest way to do this is to go to and click on “Log In” on the right side.  This takes you to the default admin login.

If you prefer to log directly into your dashboard simply type in your browser address bar your websites domain with /wp-admin at the end.  Example:

You will then be presented with your own log in window.  That’s it!