This site has been created to offer others the availability to create their own websites to showcase their MR2's. This is a completely free service but is strictly dedicated to the Toyota MR2.

Start your own MR2 website today!

Theme Help

Need help setting up a theme for your website?  Let us show you how it’s done!

First log into your dashboard (
Once in your dashboard click on “Appearance” then “Themes”…










Next you will see a choice of themes, pick one to your liking…

Back under the left menu you will see “Theme Options”.  Click on that so you can customize your theme…





Next you will need to choose your options and see what you prefer.  You might also want to open a new browser tab to your website and refresh the page to see your changes.  Don’t forget to click “Save Changes”.

If you wish to add a background image or your own custom header images use the left menu again but click on either “Header” or “Background”.  Hope this has helped!