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MR2 Links

MR2 specific: – Canadian MR2 forum associated with – UK based MR2 forum – Nice international forum – UK based forum (with a nice buying guide) – US based forum – Another UK based MR2 forum – UK based forum, but MK1 specific – UK based forum geared towards engine swaps Growing central MR2 related info and BGB downloads

Toyota or 4AG related: – International AE86 Corolla forum, with lots of good 4AG info – Forum devoted to the 4AG engine (AE86 bias, but has an MR2 section) – New Zealand drift forum (Kiwi Dorifto!!!) has some good technical discussions – Another AE86 forum (but plenty of 4AG info) – General forum for all older Toyotas – Australia based general Toyota forum with tons of good info – Australia based forum, primarily devoted to Corollas (forum for

MR2 Merchants:

Information sites: – 20V 4AG swap site – MK1.5 site with swap pics – Some technical articles, primarily swap and turbo related (mainly AE86 Corolla) – Good 4AG tech articles – International site primarily for the AE86 Corolla, but good 4AG info and manuals – Site devoted to some nice supercharged MR2s – Excellent guide to the 4AG – Gallery of MK1 MR2s and some rare parts – Very good 4AG reference and a forum – User submitted pictures of MK1 MR2s – New Zealand drift site with some good 4AG info (dynos and etc.) – Gunter Automotive Racing page with some good technical articles and info – Jørn Innset’s page documenting his MR2 mods – Good documentation of performance mods – Nice illustrated guide to various Miata wheels we can use (94 or newer to be sure of clearing the brakes, per kirkosaurus – for the record, our wheels are 4x100mm, with 54.1mm hub) – The Original MK1.5 website – International MR2 Owner’s Club – variety of articles and a forum – Mostly supercharged MR2 info, but also a few tech articles – Some great DIY tech articles – Part number locator database – Packed with very handy illustrated write-ups – Loads of reference pics – The AW11 Archive (Steve Neese) – Info and dyno tests of the “7AGE” engine (essentially a stroker 4AG) – Monster wheel weight database – Performance mods for the 4AG

Credit goes to BOOCAKE4U of the forums.