This summer..

Hey guys, this first post is just a quick intro to myself, the car, and the blog as a whole. My name is Jonathan and I’m from San Diego. This is my first project car and my first blog, but I’m excited to get started and plan on getting pretty in depth. The car is a 1985 Toyota MR2 with 119k bone stock miles that was bought off my brother-in-law a year ago for 500 bucks. It hadn’t been driven in several years so we had to swap out the battery, empty the gas tank, replace the fuel pump, and fit new O-rings before it was road ready. An exhaust leak became obvious during the first drive which has worsened a bit. My buddy/partner Phil (his abnormally long legs pictured above) put an old set of wheels/tires from his Miata on to replace the nearly bald ones it had and took it in for a compression test where it did “fucking perfect 180 psi across the board” :D… but then the clutch went out. As punishment for it’s bad behavior, it hasn’t been driven in several months.

BUT the time has come to bring her back to life (again!) and, as much for my benefit as your own, I intend to archive my work progress here. Upcoming work includes replacing clutch, replacing exhaust, new suspension, replacing some cracked interior plastic, fixing the headlight motor, and possibly painting.

I expect my first real entry will be sometime next week after I’ve returned from NYC. Til then, here’s the car in all it’s filthy glory.
^^ Still in the gravel pit where we found her.


^^^ And the two worst quality images since Y2K. Sent from Phil’s phone to show the new wheels and how they fit. Considering we never had plans to pair the two, I think they look pretty good.

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